How to choose a wedding venue

So you’ve narrowed your long list down to your short list, you’ve visited a few venues and asked them some great questions, how do you actually decide on the one?!

I’m Jen, and I run the wedding barns at our family farm in North Yorkshire. It’s me who will show you around on your tour of the barns, and I’ll be on hand to help with every question you have along your wedding planning journey, from how long the tables are to picking the cars up the morning after your wedding.

Here’s a few things to consider after you’ve looked around your venues:

What are the spaces like?

In person is the venue what it looked like online? Is there anything you can’t see online – perhaps the view is of a power station or it’s next to a railway? Or the pictures are of the nice parts and there’s some not so great parts too?! Are the spaces as big as you thought? Will they work well for your guest numbers? And how does the day flow – do people move seamlessly from ceremony to welcome drink to dinner on to dancing or are guests going to be spread out in different areas so the people at the bar are a long way from the dancefloor?

What are the people like?

Did you like the person showing you around? This person will help create the best day of your life – were they friendly and welcoming? Can you see yourself working with them over the next year or two? Did they seem like the sort of expert you can trust to deliver your amazing day?

How did it feel?

The most important thing – go with your gut. Can you envisage yourself walking down the aisle, are you already smiling, dreaming, feeling butterflies? Can you already see yourself having your wedding pictures taken? If you get “the feeling” it’s the venue for you!

Whatever venue you choose, enjoy the planning and preparation and have an amazing wedding!


PS – if you want to see if Lodge Farm gives you “the feeling” then book a tour using my online diary here.