3 Things Couples Forget To Ask On A Wedding Venue Tour

We show a lot of lovely couples around Lodge Farm, and they are usually armed with a list of logical questions to ask on a wedding venue tour, such as how many guests can you seat, or what is the deposit schedule. However, as someone who owns and runs a wedding venue, there’s a things I’m surprised people don’t ask me.

Wedding venue layout

  1. What happens between now and our wedding?

Your wedding day will be the best day of your life – but there’s a long time between seeing your venue and the day itself so check what touch points the venue will have with you. For example we give all our couples a planning pack to help start your journey, with helpful information from table plans to local accommodation and taxis. Some venues offer planning meetings (we offer two) – ask if there are planning meetings, what format they take and when they are. What happens if you’ve got questions – can you email or call as many times as you like? You may also want to come and see your venue again – for example to show you families, or to see it all set up for a wedding. Lastly, and the most important one to us – what happens the day before? Is the person who will run your wedding there to talk through the plan in detail and have a rehearsal with you?

Wedding Sign

  1. Where can we have couples pictures taken?

When you see a venue there may be some spots you can’t take pictures but similarly some you can’t see you can go! Ask if there’s any areas off bounds or any areas the venue suggests work for different pictures in different seasons? Can they show you examples of ones done before? And crucially, what happens if it rains? You can see some of ours here.

Wedding champagne picture

  1. Who is here on the day?

Different venues work in different ways – some will hand you the keys and leave you to it and some will be at your side the whole day (we’re the later). Ask who will be there on the day, how big the venue team is (including the number of bar staff), what they’ll do, and just as importantly if there’s anything they won’t do.

So there you have it – three questions to ask on your wedding venue tour which will give you great insight into how your venue works and if its the one for you. If you want to ask me these questions just book a tour – I’ll have the answers ready!


Owner, Lodge Farm Weddings

Picture Credits: Victoria Baker Weddings